Monday, May 9, 2011

Month 1 of this and I'm already awful at posting

Wow, I've been gone so long let me re-introduce myself.  I am Colleen and I am not very good at posting on this blog I created...oops-la!

Well, since I was last here, I was told I can STOP the Gluten-Free (GF).  My D.O. said let's try to get the thyroid from hypo- to eu- aka low to normal with medication and then if the acne has not cleared try the GF again.  

I immediately had a beer the moment I heard this what it was 10AM on a Friday. 

I have no idea what to do with this blog now, but I will try to keep posting some shenanigans for all 6 of you wankers!

 This is my lunch, that I made about 15 min ago...little apple, walnut, raisin, sunflower seeds, plain yogurt, on a bed of spinach.  mmm and GF, just cause.  Right after I took this my fork did a somersault and got this delish salat all over my macbook pro...thanks.

This is my newest acne treatment - turmeric, milk, nettle oil - make in a paste and lather on face.  Please note that when the clumps of this indian food fall on your pristine white bath rugs no amount of Oxyclean or Clorox or Castile Soap or regular soap will remove the yellow stain.  Yes, your face is a lovely shade of yellow and you resemble this.