Friday, April 8, 2011

I forgot to tell y'all somethin'

I volunteer a couple times a month at a free health clinic in Durham.  My friend Hillary is a volunteer as well, who mentioned it to me and asked if I was interested in volunteering as a RD with them.  Apparently, patients had requested to meet with a RD...AMAZING, I KNOW!!!

I saw my first victim, I mean patient, the first week of March.  HIPAA so I will not say anything other than, like most individuals in our country, this patient needed to lose weight.  I discussed some super simple, very basic things to change and encouraged a little more movement.

We had follow-up visit last night, patient lost a good deal of weight!!!!!!!  I almost did the happy dance!!!  

In my previous RD life, as most of you know, I dealt with a lot of terminal illness and forgot how great it feels to really make a difference in someone's life without using pharmaceuticals.  WEEEEEEEE  or as my friend Jeremy says "Whoop-de-Whoop!!!"

Peace, love, nutrition. ~ Colleen

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