Monday, April 4, 2011

Pizza and Beer

Obviously, by the first post I am a HUGE, HUGE BEER FAN!  I mean I love beer.  I swoon over beer.  I crave a good beer after a long day.  And a close second is PIZZA.  My friend Ellen aka E Dub, she is a wonderful cook and dietitian extraordinaire with pediatrics.  She has a great pizza dough recipe, which I made weekly.  Friday's I instilled a pizza, beer and wii or other fun thing at my apartment with some of my "boys" in PA school.   We will have to switch it up now, which last Friday was Asian Night or Azn Nite as the email stated.

My first gluten-free grocery shopping tour involved looking for gluten free pizza dough, which I found in the freezer section.  I decided to make this on Saturday night.  Let me tell you...this dough was a BEAST to roll out, very sticky and gooey.  I used cornstarch at first to attempt to soak up some of the gooey factor then got smart (a very fleeting moment)  and rolled it out on cornmeal...ahhh much better.  I proceeded to load it up with my favorite Mediterranean theme - artichokes, sundried tomatoes, feta, red onion, spinach, broccoli, mozzarella - on a marinara sauce (homemade thanks Giada)  I had very low expectations for this pizza pie, but was pretty darn surprised, browned well, the cornmeal added a nice little bit of texture and I was satisfied.  Washed that pie down with one of these bad boyz.  Yeah, I LIKE IT LIKE THAT!

Tonight I decided against cooking, long day at DPAP and a tough first night back at Crossfit.  So I thought, cold pizza I heart you.  Ummm took a bite (please not in the picture 1) and thought this tastes very familiar...hmmm ohhhh yeah just like Elmer's Glue I used to put on my tongue as a kid and wonder "why isn't it drying?"  Because of saliva you fool!  So a little re-heat in the oven at 350 and back to satisfaction.

Now on to The Federal for a drink with a friend...

P(dot)S(dot) If you like (or love as in my case) CO2 in your H2O, and you dislike plastic bottles galore then I highly recommend this.
And this for produce.


  1. Hey, I like your pizza pan! Does it work better than a stone? I can't seem to get my pizza crust crispy enough...I even started using a different recipe (blasphemey, I know. Sorry El!) that gets a little crunchier, but not quite enough. Oh, by the way, I am going to comment on your blog. A lot. AP

    Update: The spam robot word that your comment filter made me type was "nary pea." That made me laugh and thought I should share. I wonder if your comment filter moonlights as a band name generator in its spare time.

  2. Coll!! So excited about your blog!! Been thinking of jumping on the blog train myself...just need to actually DO IT!!! Have you found any good gluten free beers?? I think it's a pretty small market am def curious about it! XOXO

  3. Ashley - I love this pizza pan they are AirBAKE ones and I love them. Crunchy...I normally heat the crust up for like 5 min before I top it off with yummies.

    WEEZE = GF beer is decent! Miss you dear!