Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Things I Love About You! Well, actually by you I mean me

I mean, dang girl great brows!  2 thumbs up!
This is a CrossFit related post and I am planning to be brutally honest.  Ashley, a fearless, amazing CrossFit Coach suggested the gals of CF that blog complete this task of writing "10 things I love about me" I thought I don't want to sound conceited and arrogant.  That is NOT Leener.  Then I read more of her reasons as to why we should do this and it is because we all focus on the DON'T and as a firm believer in The Secret/Law of Attraction/Karma we all must focus on the positive and negate the negative.  
So here is the Top 10....
1. My dark eye brows - especially if I get them waxed properly.

2. My ability to make people laugh and I'm not talkin' bout a chuckle, I can make people laugh so hard they cry sometimes.

3. My toes, they are long and skinny and the baby one I can pop out of the joint...I love it and do it all the time while watching TV of studying.

4. My ability to find the good in every situation - may not be immediate, but EVERYTHING I can find the positive and not a BS reason either.

5. I love that I love my family and value their opinion, but still do whatever the hell I want.  I guess this can be summed up as I love that I am INDEPENDENT. (hahaha to the link)

6. My brutal honesty, it can sting sometimes and yes, I do sometimes feel bad about the snark that flies out of my mouth, but at least you know exactly what I am thinking.

7. My height, took me a while, but I love all 5'10 of me.  And now I finally feel confident enough to strap some heels on, watch out! ;)

8. I love that people are usually open with me and confide in me, I am very easy to talk to.  I think this will be an asset when I am a full time Physician Assistant.

9.  My ability to cook well (healthy stuff, too), and did not realize how great a skill this is to have until I dated a guy that could barely boil water.  Yes, it lasted all of 2 dates, but I learned patience in the kitchen with him.

10. I love that I can sound just like a monkey.

Now I just realized I did not write anything related to exercise or CrossFit.  At CrossFit, even if I don't like the strength segment or the WOD I still am enthused by it and I really do love the camaraderie and all around vibe of CrossFit Durham.  It is a wonderful gym, full of wonderful people that I am happy to call friends. 

Check out the other ladies...
Ashley aka COACH who words cannot express how much I love working out with this girl.  I can wake-up grumbling about exercising and I go to the CFD gym with Mrs Ashley and go come on this is going to be a blast and it always is!
Bea  I just checked out her photography. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
Nelly I wish I had your posture and now I see I was right when I thought you had a ballet background.
Lindsay I love your glasses and dry sense of humor, even though your birthday WOD almost killed me in the best possible way
Amy  I am so glad I met someone who can make me laugh to the point of tears and apparently dance too...we're about to have a fun dance-off. 
Last, but not least, Melinda, who I do not know too well, but have the utmost respect for in her fight against breast cancer.
And I have a feeling my dear friend Ashley H, a Dietitian in Seattle who really has a mission to empower young girls (and boys) to be who you are, love who you are, and live a healthy, happy life, would love to see more people expressing the love and voiding the hate.

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  1. You know the next time I see you in the gym I will demand to see the monkey impression.