Thursday, June 16, 2011

From Gross to Good

Typically, I dislike Fennel and Yellow Squash.  To me Fennel tastes like this, which is the worst candy ever made in my opinion with Almond Joys/Mounds a close second.  Yellow Squash wigs me out, have you seen how large those seeds are?  ewwww talk about mouth feel...(this image popped up when I googled mouth feel - hahaha)

So the good part, I made a Roasted Fennel with Yellow Squash last night, compliments of Eating Well Magazine (I<3 those VT hippies!)  This recipe is from 2K9, but wow am I happy that I am a cooking magazine pack rat.   

Bummer of the night and I am still wondering how in the world I did this, I cut my finger on the BACK OF THE KNIFE!!!!  WHAT?  WHO DOES THAT?  Where were my Ninja skills when I needed them?
           CHANGES BY LEENER - I added way more garlic like 1/3rd cup and I used dried thyme.  No fresh in my house currently.  Typically, it is a 3:1 ratio of fresh:dried.  Example - 1 tablespoon fresh basil = 1 teaspoon of dried (1TBSP = 3 tsp)
                                  The dish - sorry my digital camera's lens is stuck and the camera is brokes currently.

Hillary and I split a CSA box and the two of us feel like we are drowning in vegetables and do not want to throw them to the worms.  So operation cook ahead is commencing.  We are going to make some Potato and Kale Soup, freeze it for winter or a heat and serve night.  Then make some pesto with this fresh, delicious smelling organic basil...oh I'm salivating.

Randoms - thinking of switching my running style, which will require either these or these or these. Decisions?  I heart Brooks...they are the "greenest running company"

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  1. I hear ya on the fennel, especially dried! I hate licorice! I still haven't tried cooking fresh fennel yet, but I'm planning to sack up and do it soon. I wasn't really a cauliflower fan until I started doing this ( to it, so I know that how I cook it can change everything.

    I'm trying to picture 1/3 cup of garlic:) That makes me giggle.