Monday, June 20, 2011


This is a random post...

I went to bed at 10:15PM last night, AMAZING!  Yet, I failed to turn my alarm ON.  Long story short, I had an exam at 8:10AM.  You must sign-in to your exam by 8:30AM or else you are locked out and here is a ZERO.  I woke up at 8:20AM and thought "Nice, you woke up early this Sunday morning and can study for your tests OMG YOU HAVE AN EXAM NOW!!!!" I threw whatever clothes were on the floor next to my bed and ran out the door.  Realized as I go to the street that Janet the Jetta is parked in the lot BEHIND my apartment.  so I sprint to the back.  Disheveled and stinky I race to my seat, turn on the computer, login to the test with 1 minute to spare.  My exam opens *insert sigh of relief* and Murphy's law took over...BLACK SCREEN O DEATH!  Mr. Dell conveniently self destructs.  Donna, our tech spec chick, is amazing and I was up and running by 8:45AM.  Passed the test, all that matters.  PASS=PA. :)
A complete re-enactment of my realization I slept through my test this morning.  Please note, teeth are brushed and shower complete, although hair unkempt is normal for Leener.

Since I feel like a mess today, I find it appropriate that I post on my desire to own White Jeans.  Makes no sense to me, since anything white I put on will inevitably have 50+ stains within 5 minutes.

Love these, these, and these

Ok one more exam to cram for...PEDIATRICS II.

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