Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chikity China the Chinese Chicken

Once again Eating Well circa 2K9 has come to the rescue.  This time with the 2 heads of green cabbage and 1 rot kohl (red cabbage in german, just sounds cooler in german) I have left from Tuesday's CSA box.   Chinese Chicken and Noodle Salad, I haven't had this in a while, hence the Barenaked Ladies "One Week,"reference.

cabbage = cruciferous veg = GAS

Per usual, this girl likes to change stuff and this time, not too much.  I like to add cilantro and red cabbage, only enough to make it purty.  Above does not have cilantro, because I was out and too lazy to go to the store. :( I <3 cilantro.

Recently, I have noticed that a kitchen scale has become an extremely useful tool.  I purchased this from Costco pre-Christmas because a recipe calls for 24 oz of sweet, delicious chocolate chips.  I buy my chips in bulk and guessing 24oz never worked well.  Now as you see below I love to measure my meat, since nothing is properly portioned anymore. I like the digital and it switches from grams to ounces.

Sorry horrible photos, the dig camera is in the shop. :(
Random Sunday Funday
Pandora - Check out Matt & Kim station
Electrolyte Drink Tabs - Nuun - so happy to see them in Durham
Great Documentary I think for anyone interested in what is going on with today's youth - Let's Talk About Sex kind of cool Fayetteville, NC was featured and I have 2 months of Family Medicine next January and February, I will be talkin' bout some sex with youth I bet.

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  1. Yay! So excited about your blog! I'm following it too. I'm one of the "no face people". I don't know why it does that. Sometimes my picture shows up, and other times it doesn't. ANYWAY, yay for you! Yay for chikity china the chinese chicken too!