Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is My Problem-o?

I guess the fact that I never wrote a diary for more than  a second growing up was a foreshadowing to my inability to keep up with a blog.  I am SHOCKED that I have 7 followers and to you 7 fans, I am sorry I am awful at this.

Things that are new...
-last days of year 1 to PA School 
-went to Las Vegas for my friend Ashley's Bachelorette Weekend
-it is hot as balls in the Dirty D
-went to a Durham Bulls game at the Original Kevin Costner field.  Pretty sure this is the film that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins met and 23 years later heartbreak
-Janet the Jetta has restored A/C
-the week between CSA boxes keeps coming faster and faster...I think I am a vegetable now
-I missed Bonnaroo 2011.  Still sad about this.
-Beer Meet-Up with 2 classmates is going strong - I think I have 8 pint glasses now.  Pretty awesome.

Boring post - but I will have some cooking things to post soon.  I am trying a new Summer Yellow Squash Recipe tonight.

                                         Yeah, I'd hire that girl as my PA...hmmmm

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