Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salsa and Vomit

Has anyone else noticed the similarities of the two?  I mean next time you put some good ole Green Mountain Salsa in a bowl, finish it, put in sink, run water in the bowl...really look at it.  Maybe I am all too comfortable with vomit since seeing, hearing or watching someone vomit was a large part of my old job in Stem Cell Transplant. 

MUST STUDY!  Last exam tomorrow and I am feeling very similar to Dug the Dog SQUIRREL!

peace, love, studies...leen


  1. At around 3:30am this past Sunday morning, I was hanging out on an Asheville porch with a bunch of quite wasted people. We'd been to a wedding and then we went out on the town. Hunger set in and our porch hostess brought us the homemade salsa she had in her fridge. Problem was, it must have been there for months. It tingled in my mouth in a not-good way. Eww. As if the vom resemblance weren't enough, that one is going to put me off of salsa for a good long while.

    Yay last exam!

  2. doug the dog is cute. rogue needs one of those collars.

    i do think they both look alike. and like gwen, i've also had rotten salsa. no bueno. vomit is no bueno either. so there you have it, another similarity between the two. :)

    good luck on your exam!